To market, to market ...

Continuing on my creative journey, I am having my first market stall in nearly 20 years this Saturday (at East Ivanhoe Village, 10 to 3, if you are reading this before Saturday December 15!) I have framed up a heap of work, put together lots of smaller unframed works on paper and lots of cards… here’s hoping at least some of it sells! I’m looking forward to getting some feedback on my work though… hopefully I’ll come out of it with a better idea about what I’m doing and whether it is commercially viable or not. Scary, but also liberating to be able to just get out there and try selling my art. Woo hoo!

Also, so great to have had a reason to make lots of art! I’ve been loving just coming up with lots of little paintings, some on christmas themes and some just what I like to paint (Okay, flowers!)… If nothing else, doing the Create course has definitely given me back my art mojo.

And we have lift off!

It’s not often you get to launch something, so I’m proud to announce the launch of my new website on this auspicious occasion! Complete with my first blog entry as an extra special bonus. It’s been about 5 years of saying ‘gee, I really need to update my website’ and having no time to do it, so I’m very grateful to the CREATE course at NCAT for giving me the much-needed shove. It’s taken about 80 hours of my life over the last fornight, and that’s using Squarespace, which makes it all very easy. Collating images and making them look nice and working on text and putting it all together just takes a lot of time… so in retrospect I’m not feeling so bad about taking 5 years to get around to it. Anyway, have a look around, and I hope you like what you see!

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